Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Puddle jumping

 We have been experiencing a lot of rainy days here lately, so I thought it would be fun to put on the rain boots and go play in some puddles. Colby loves to jump in the puddles, and I usually don't let him, but today I thought it would be lots of fun!

I think at first he wasn't sure it was ok to jump and splash, but then he went at it and by the end he was completely wet from head to toe! Now I will just have to make sure he doesn't go and jump in the puddles all the time. Yikes!

Trip to Denver- The Finale

We had such a fun time while we were out in Denver. Our last day there we decided to head up to Farrish Recreational Area. It's government land and so you have to have a military ID to get in. So we decided to just go and walk around and see it. You can camp there too which would have been really fun. Here are a few pictures:
I love his kissesColby even got to drive while we were in park.
After we left the park we headed down to a town called Manitou Springs. It is a fun cute touristy town. We stopped at a cool place called Marilyn's Pizza House. It was really good, if you are ever up that way I would totally recommend this place.

After lunch we drove back to the house and decided to stop by the park that was in the neighborhood. Colby loves playing at the park, especially when he has his favorite buddy, Daddy, to play with him! First stop...the teeter-totter.
Blowing kisses

We had such a fun time while we were in Denver. A BIG thank you to the Veres for having us invade their house while we were there. Especially the kids who were great with Colby and played with him all week long!